Gartner: Businesses forge on with middleware despite downturn

CIOs continue with application infrastructure and middleware technologies to prepare for hybrid clouds despite economic conditions

CIOs are continuing to implement application infrastructure and middleware technologies to prepare for hybrid clouds.

The application infrastructure and middleware software market grew almost 10% in 2011, showing businesses are still investing in software architectures, despite the downturn.

Fabrizio Biscotti, research director at Gartner, said: “The impact of using multiple delivery models, increased reliance on governance technologies and convergence of application and data integration requirements are driving organisations to sustain significant investment in application, infrastructure and middleware technologies and skills.”

Gartner expects this growth in application infrastructure and middleware will be fueled by demand from business for hybrid cloud computing technologies.

The latest figures from Gartner showed IBM retained its leadership position, increasing its market share to 32.1% (see table below). Despite difficult market conditions, the top five providers of application infrastructure and middleware software showed solid growth. This growth was driven through acquisitions and organic growth, Gartner said.

Gartner reported that business process management, application servers, service oriented architecture (SOA) governance technologies, portal products and user interaction tools were selling well.

“Business process management (BPM) suites continued to grow at a sustained pace as some providers are evolving their offerings into next-generation application infrastructure platforms that Gartner defines as iBPMSs,” said  Biscotti.

"These platforms address the growing need to account for social interactions, mobility and decision management in the process management context.”

Provider 2011 Revenue 2011 Market Share
IBM $6,222.8m 32.1%
Oracle $3,250.1m 16.8%
Microsoft $997.5m 5.0%
Software AG $646.7m 3.3%
Tibco $555.0 2.9%
Others $7,737.9m 39.9%
Total 19,389.97m 100%

Source: Gartner Worldwide Vendor Revenue Estimates for Total AIM Software, 2011

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