Quality of Service interview wrap up

We look back at Ian Yates' recent incursion into deep QoS territory in an effort to discover the technology's true usefulness.

Is quality of service (QoS) useful for your organisation? Ian Yates recently spoke to folks from Cisco, Netgear and HP about the readiness of enterprise QoS and its applications.

Table of contents

  1. Should you bother with QoS?
    Cisco's Adam Radford explains why you should give a damn about QoS, and how it interacts with any shaping your ISP might be doing.

  2. Will it work for smaller networks?
    Andrew Trickett, Netgear's VoIP and DSL guy, says that the SMB may or may not have a use for QoS, depending on their future networking and business plans.

  3. QoS and VoIP
    Finally, Fotios Kotsiopoulos from Hewlett-Packard reckons that QoS is absolutely crucial to a successful VoIP deployment.

Read on and discover whether the 'QoS' checkbox in your router config will make a difference!

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