Vedior recruits hosted network

Recruitment company Vedior has constructed a new IP network

Select, Tanner Menzies and Sapphire are recognised brands that are part of the Vedior Asia Pacific group. Vedior is one of the world’s largest recruitment companies and is a full-service recruitment provider with a diversified portfolio of brands targeting a broad range of industry sectors.

Vedior employs about 1000 recruitment professionals in over 70 offices across Australia and New Zealand. The company is growing rapidly having experienced annual growth of greater than 30% for the past five years. Select recently extended its contract for private network and hosted services for a second three-year term with IP Systems.

The company had previously been using a frame relay network, but was prompted to consider a private IP network (MPLS) by Vedior global policy. The parameters of the required network were varied, as Kevin O’Neill, CIO of Vedior Asia Pacific explains.

“We needed a network that would support our terminal services, centralised exchange server and fat client recruitment application that could grow quickly with our organisation. We also needed strong security and the capacity to support emerging applications such as videoconferencing and voice,” O’Neill says.

Vedior conducted a tender process, resulting in a few shortlisted companies. IP Systems was chosen as it offered an end-to-end network solution, which was one of Vedior’s primary requirements.

The Cisco-powered private network connects 58 offices across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. It comprises a mix of SDH clear channel, Ethernet, DSL and frame relay.

O’Neill says that one of the strengths of the network is that service can be delivered across a range of technologies without compromising security, manageability or performance. The optimal access technology can therefore be chosen for each site, depending on its individual requirements.

The network also carries Vedior’s recruitment applications as well as providing internet access via a centralised firewall. But seeing that IP Systems also offered hosted IP telephony and videoconferencing services, Vedior adopted these, too.

Six of the offices in NSW, Qld and Vic use IP Systems’ hosted telephone service, VoiceManager. The service provides a single logical phone system across multiple sites and provides a platform for flexible and rapid growth.

“We adopted VoiceManager for the simple reason that it was so easy for us to install and use compared with expanding or acquiring conventional office phone systems,” O’Neill said.

The company also adopted a hosted video/audio conferencing service. O’Neill says Vedior likes to celebrate its achievements by bringing the entire staff together at the same time.

“All our 50 plus regional offices can participate in a single event and share the vibe and celebration,” O’Neill says.

According to O’Neill, Vedior has benchmarked its application performance and has found the network to be very reliable, with excellent uptime.

“The personal service from IP Systems is good too,” he says. “This is helped by the great relationship we have with the technical guys at IP Systems. Their expertise and willingness to help solve problems is a big factor.”

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