Reader helpline: What are the best tools to monitor multiple applications and services?

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Today, a reader asks:

"I have used a number of monitoring tools in the past and present and have found integration of monitoring multiple areas to be a real problem. My area managed Unix, Windows, Oracle databases as well as applications via Apache/Tomcat and other tools for provision of services such as Samba and in-house products.

Finding a single tool or even making a single tool monitor all of these areas has always proven a difficult task and usually requires massive custom coding or tool customisation to do so.

I would very much like to hear from other tool users and read an appraisal of current monitoring/management tools. I have used what was Patrol, Ecotools/Server Vantage and Oracle's Enterprise Manager whilst another internal area uses HP Openview. None of these seem to be quite the tool.

Any input from others would assist with decision making as to a path or paths to take."

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