A series of Tubes Episode Episode 53: Using SIP cards to deliver retail VoIP over POTS

On our networking podcast this week, the CTO of New Zealand-based ISP Orcon explains how they are delivering VoIP.

Our guest on this week's edition of A Series of Tubes is the Thomas Salmen, CTO of New Zealand-based ISP Orcon, the first ISP in the land of the long white cloud to get access to the incumbent telco's copper.

That means they've put in their own DSLAMs, and now, SIP cards.

Instead of selling VoIP solutions that require the installation of an ethernet ATA at the customer's home, Orcon can churn them to VoIP with no change required on the customers' end.

Also on this week's show we're joined by Fotios Kotsiopoulos from our sponsor HP ProCurve. This week Fotios joins us to update us on the latest with 10G ethernet.


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