Ultra mobile device market heats up

Low priced devices, coupled with compelling mobile broadband, spurs ultra mobile device (UMD) market

The availability of low priced devices, typically coupled with compelling deals for mobile broadband, has stimulated what market analyst In-Stat calls a dogfight ultra mobile device (UMD) market.

In-Stat classifies UMDs as including mobile Internet devices (MIDs), ultra mobile PCs (UMPCs) such as netbooks, portable entertainment devices and smartphones.

The research firm says that intensive competition exists among not only the differing UMD vendors but also among different categories within the market.  It adds that consumers have more choices than ever for mobile broadband connectivity, and with new functionality being added to existing products, the lines of distinction among product categories are blurring.

In-Stat anticipates MID and UMPC shipments to be around 19 million units by 2013, while the total market for UMDs will approach 656 million units in the same year.

“The introduction of the MID and UMPC platforms has ignited the market for mobile devices that combine communications, computing, and entertainment functionality around the use of the Internet,” explained Jim McGregor, In-Stat analyst. “MIDs and UMPCs still face challenges in overcoming performance limitations and in attracting interest from both consumers and carriers. These platforms must create definitive positions in the mobile market as an increasing number of other cellular and consumer devices become connected for more specific uses and applications.”

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