O2 bolsters mobile services portfolio

New mission to be a communications integrator of choice rather than supplier of communications products

As part of its mission to be a communications integrator of choice rather than a supplier of communications products, O2 UK has revealed the first three members of its Applications Centre of Excellence (CoE) scheme which was announced at the end of 2008.

Asavie, Neverfail and Telmap are the Centre’s first official members and will collaborate on an exclusively basis with a specialist O2 team, who will support the development and marketing of bespoke mobile applications.

The programme will aim to aid the development of Asavie’s secure mobile access solution AccessMyLan, Neverfail’s business continuity solutions, and Telmap’s satellite navigation solution Telmap Navigator.

The CoE programme is designed to help customers develop their services . In particular O2 says that the Applications Centre of Excellence is part of its  UK  business strategy to take a more IT-focused approach to corporate and SME sales. And the company stresses that this measn a suite of business enabling applciations, such as CRM, and not just mobile email.

O2 also launched the  Enterprise , M2M and Data Centres of Excellence in 2008 which have all been specifically tailored to the area of business they cover, and aim to bring together experts in these areas to offer customers an integrated end-to-end offering.

“We believe that constant collaboration will help us all move forward in a challenging market. Asavie, Neverfail and Telmap have … a shared belief in going the extra mile for our customers.” Commented   Ben Dowd, Business Sales Director, Telefonica O2 UK who stressed that the time was ripe for moving into managed services.  

“We [aim] to drive efficiencies into the application space and what we can do is take away [customers’] hassles in delivering real [business] benefits. We are [now] not a technology-led business but a customer insight-led business. The professional managed services are built with the capability to deliver based on customer insight. The timing is now. “

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