SAP shrinks carbon footprint

SAP plans to slash its carbon emission s by 51% and help its customers reduce theirs. "We will try to use technology to help SAP reduce...

SAP plans to slash its carbon emissions by 51% and help its customers reduce theirs.

"We will try to use technology to help SAP reduce its greenhouse gas emissions," said SAP's newly appointed chief sustainability officer, Peter Graf.

He saidthat by 2020, the ERP supplier plans to halve the 513,000 tonnes of CO2 it produced in2007. This will return SAP to its approximate year 2000 CO2 emissions level of 250,000 tonnes.

Graf said SAP will cut the amount of paper its prints by 20% by the end of this year and will use tele-presence suites to provide video-conferencing, instead of travelling to meetings.

SAP also plans to reduce the number of flights staff take by 5% in 2009, and 20% by 2012.

SAP also plans to increase virtualisation in its datacentres by 40% in 2009, and by 80% by 2012.

Graf said SAP can also play a role in helping its customers lower their carbon emissions. Given the company's strengths in manufacturing, petrochemicals and heavy industry, Graf said SAP's customers account for one-fifth of the world's greenhouse emissions.

"We want to help these customers reduce their carbon emissions," he said.

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