Sweet smell of ASUS - ASUS unveils scented laptops

ASUS has unveiled a range of scented notebooks. The F6Vr Notebook range...

Asus pink laptop

ASUS has unveiled a range of scented notebooks. The F6Vr Notebook range may be the open office solution to cancel out the lunchtime smells of collegues, whether it's baked potatoes from the office microwave or the beery breath of pub regulars.

As well as being equipped with a web camera, fingerprint scanner, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, both machines on offer produce "a stunning fragrance" while in use.

The Floral Blossom Pink machine is encased with floral motifs "conjuring images of summer parties, injecting a cheerful brightness", says ASUS. Whether the £649 price tag will dampen the mood is arguable.

The Musky Black machine comes in at a darker £799, but its glossy black surface and graffiti art "exude feelings of power, energy and courage with its playful scent", ASUS stresses.

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