Guernsey signs Northgate to improve public health

Guernsey has signed Northgate Information Solutions ...

Guernsey has signed Northgate Information Solutions to promote public health on the island.

Guernsey's Health and Social Services Department is to introduce data integration technology. The plan is to join together disparate data held by the Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation.

Northgate Information Solutions will also introduce a system to regulate potentially polluting activities on Guernsey.

The service will help the island's environmental health officers to maintain up-to-date and complete records of public health complaints made by the public. This will ensure they always have full information about previous complaints.

The systems will also provide information on all environmental health matters. This will including public health nuisances, food control, pest control, waste control, seawater and shellfish testing, and tattooing and piercing.

The deal will extend the flexibility of current information systems, eradicate unnecessary manual processes and improve the island's management information systems.

John Cook, Guernsey director of environmental health and pollution regulation, said: "The new environmental health service will cut down bureaucracy and save valuable officer time enabling them to focus on their core tasks of promoting, protecting and improving public health."

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