UK at bottom of open source adoption league

The UK is at the bottom of the open source adoption league, says analyst Forrester . Forrester has...

opensource league table

The UK is at the bottom of the open source adoption league, says analyst Forrester.

Forrester has produced a new report evaluating the state of open source adoption across Europe and North America. The report looks into the key motivations for adoption of the technology.

France leads reported open source adoption rates by country, with 24% of enterprises and SMBs surveyed reporting they are currently using open source software.

The UK is at the bottom of the chart in terms of real cases of adoption, with only 15% of organisations using open source.

Forrester said there were signs, however, that the UK would at least overtake Canada in the next 12 months.

The report confirmed that lower costs were the main driving force for organisations choosing open source systems.

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