24/7-connected workers forcing change in company culture

Despite being constantly connected, only 35% of workers feel having communication tools help them, whilst 21% actually thought they make their lives more difficult

A Nortel and IDC survey on modern communications and hyper connectivity has found that a ‘culture of connectivity' is forcing enterprises to change substantially the way they do business.

The survey found that people are being overloaded by constant communications at work and that hey are spending increasing amounts of personal time sending business messages, including text, email and IM.

Over 60% of workers send business messages while on holiday; 40% send business messages from bed; over 30% messages from restaurants and even a small percentage that send them from Church. In addition, nearly two thirds use mobile phones and laptop respectively for both business and personal use.

Yet despite, or maybe because of, these findings, only 35% of respondents felt having all these communication tools helped them, whilst 21% actually thought they make their lives more difficult.

Nortel and IDC regard this as a clear call to action for businesses to have a strong communications strategy in place with a clear training programme to help staff to deal with communication overload.

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