iPhone ready for business users, says Gartner

The Apple iPhone is now ready for business use, says analyst Gartner.

The Apple iPhone is now ready for business use, says analyst Gartner.

The device, launched on the O2 network at the end of last year, will soon receive a more enterprise-friendly version of firmware and improved security.

During the initial launch of the iPhone, Gartner analysts expressed concern over some security issues, but have changed their view after recently announced enhancements, expected to be delivered in June 2008.

"In its initial release, the iPhone was, with few exceptions, an internet tablet with browser-based applications as its main offering, but the release of firmware 2.0 changes that, enabling organisations to develop local code and create applications that do not depend on network capabilities," said Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney.

"The iPhone will therefore match up against its main smartphone competitors - BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Symbian Series 60."

Earlier this month, Apple announced developer access to the iPhone software developer kit and firmware 2.0, licensing of the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol suite, support for Cisco IPSEC security and the addition of WPA2 security for Wi-Fi connections.

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