MoD names satellite in honour of homicidal PC

The lighter side of IT

It seems that apocalypse is truly upon us - the UK has launched Skynet 5B, the latest satellite in a sophisticated new military IT communications system.

For the uninformed, Skynet was the name of the computer that went crazy in the Terminator films and decided that humans should be wiped out.

The real-life Skynet 5B is a satellite that will allow the Army, Royal Navy and RAF to pass more data more quickly between command centres.

Downtime wonders what marketing consultants advised the Ministry of Defence to name the satellite after a computer character that attempted to eradicate the human race, and whether they were well paid for their trouble.

Either way, let us know about the events in your jobs that have made you wish the apocalypse would come that little bit faster. Perhaps they were also caused by marketing consultants?

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