Next move: which universities for computer science?

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Which universities for computer science?

Which UK universities are best for undergraduate courses in computer science, both from an educational and employer perspective? Also, I have noticed that Ucas does not recognise the Comptia A+/network+ certifications in its points system, although these qualifications are very much appreciated in the "working" world.Is this likely to change?

Former polytechnics win out over Oxbridge

My advice is to head for the good former polytechnic universities, such as Oxford Brookes, the University of the West of England and Huddersfield.

It is not unheard of to see an inverse snobbery towards Oxbridge graduates, with employers preferring able candidates from other universities.

If you are not interested in a "polytechnic" you may want to consider the more established universities, such as Leeds, Warwick, Cardiff, University College London or Imperial College London, which all offer good computer science courses.

Many of these establishments have good ties with major IT suppliers that ensure a strong practical/vocational programme with a view to guaranteed employment at the end.

As for Comptia qualifications, it is unlikely that they will be included in the Ucas system. The university points system encompasses a wide range of subjects to ensure that students have gained all the necessary skills and abilities to apply for more than one type of course.

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