Nivea runs gender specific cash machine campaign

Nivea is the first company to run a gender specific campaign over the UK ATM network.

Nivea is the first company to run a gender specific campaign over the UK ATM network.

Nivea will use the ATM:ad technology from I-design to run the campaign. I-design’s software is used by various banks to enable ads to be delivered to cashpoint users.

New user profiling and gender targeting features have been added to the ATM:ad system to enable the Nivea campaign.

The campaign will display two types of ad - one aimed at men, and the other at women. Once the customer has inserted their card, ATM:ad will identify their gender, and screen the appropriate ad during their transaction

The campaign will run at 600 locations nationwide, including high streets, shopping centres and supermarkets, and is expected to deliver messages to three million people.

The front of the cash machine receipts will also feature a reminder of the Nivea campaign, with 750,000 customers expected to take receipts.

Graham Taylor, senior brand manager at Nivea for Men, said, “We are delighted to be the first brand to make use of ATM:ad’s new gender profiling features.

“It offers us a great opportunity to reach different target audiences, ensuring our strong overall campaign message can be supported with relevant and discrete supporting messages without the risk of confusion.”

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