CIOs mark 'soft' issues as priority for Wans

Flexibility and relationship issues have emerged as the key factors for CIOs when considering their wide area network (Wan), according to a survey conducted by ICM Research.

Flexibility and relationship issues have emerged as the key factors for CIOs when considering their Wide Area Network (Wan), according to a survey conducted by ICM Research.

Virtual network operator Vanco, which commissioned the independent annual survey, believes it has identified the beginning of a shift in priorities among European CIOs. In addition to flexibility, CIOs have cited quality of service, manageability, speed and ease of service as well as partnership/relationship management as main concerns for their networks this year.

Network cost reduction remains a high priority for 21% of CIOs, but it is of less importance than the previous year when nearly 30% regarded it as the top issue. Next in line were network security solutions with 13% (16% in 2006) and increased bandwidth with 10% (15% in 2006).

When selecting a company to manage their networks,the most influential criteria for CIOs globally continues to be based around lowest overall costs: Nearly three-quarters of respondents selected this as their main driver, while 28% opted for highest service capability, ranked second in the list of determining factors. The financial stability of suppliers is less of an issue, acknowledged by 6%, compared with the 10% of CIOs for whom it was the number one issue in 2006.

“Although the most common responses were in line with previous years – cost, security and bandwidth – I think it is interesting that we are starting to see more and more CIOs naming softer issues as their first priority. Previously these factors would have been mentioned, but much further down the list,” suggested Michael Piddock, group marketing manger for Vanco.

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