Cybit acquires Thales Telematics

Cybit has expanded its telematics business with the acquisition of Thales Telematics from Thales Group.

Cybit has expanded its telematics business with the acquisition of Thales Telematics from Thales Group.

The acquisition, for an undisclosed amount, will consolidate Cybit's position as a leader in the European telematics sector. Following the acquisition, Cybit will have a customer base of approximately 1,500, representing in excess of 35,000 installed units.

Thales offers end-to-end vehicle telematics systems that cover key areas such as temperature monitoring, door control and vehicle weight monitoring. Its key customers include Fowler Welch Coolchain, Unichem and Coca Cola Enterprises.

Thales Telematics also offers high-accuracy, radio-based tracking solutions, using its own in-house tracking devices, which operate in the free-to-air Private Mobile Radio (PMR) frequency range.

Specific applications include advanced communications, precise positioning and telemetry. Key customers include Western-Geco, Agrocom and Lafarge.

This extended capability, said Cybit, will provide it with an ideal platform to extend its reach into specialist asset management markets such as security, mining, oil and gas exploration and inshore maritime applications.

The PMR business has significant synergies with BlueFinger, which was acquired by Cybit in June 2006.

The £1.6m acquisition of Bluefinger added 3,700 vehicles and ships to the group's roster. Bluefinger counts the Ghanaian Government and Thales UK among its customers.

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