NEC foils spam IP phone calls

NEC has unveiled a technique it claims will prevent spam IP phone calls bothering users.

NEC has unveiled a technique it claims will prevent spam IP phone calls bothering users.

SPam over Internet Telephony (SPIT) is an increasing problem as the adoption of voice over IP systems takes off among enterprises and consumers.

NEC said that if unsolicited spam calls become as frequent as spam e-mail, constantly-ringing VoIP phones may hinder the spread of their use. 

NEC’s VoIP SEAL blocks calls arising from spam-generating-software and separates them from the ones made by real individuals, using a Turing test.

The solution blocks SPIT based on the communication pattern observed during a call. This prevents the user’s phone from ringing unnecessarily as a result of SPIT.

NEC said VoIP SEAL‘s modular system allowed operators and enterprises to easily update the protection as new types of SPIT appeared, and to flexibly integrate the platform with a variety of VoIP hardware.

The Turing test detects whether the caller is a human or a machine by measuring the capability to perform human-like conversation. The method was described by Alan Turing in 1950.

The NEC solution will be demonstrated at next month's 3GSM show in Barcelona.

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