Application testing speeded up at Watson Wyatt

Global consulting firm Watson Wyatt has deployed Grid-Tools’ subset database generator, a tool designed to improve the way it tests applications.

Global consulting firm Watson Wyatt  has deployed GridTools’ subset database generator, a tool designed to improve the way it tests applications.

The company previously extracted test data from its production database each time an application was tested. But this process took many hours. Instead the GridTools product has allowed the company to obtain data more quickly.

Watson Wyatt expects that its future applications will be of higher quality and delivered more quickly as a result of its new testing capability.

Christine Green, Support Consultant, Watson Wyatt, said: GT Subset contributes directly to the quality and speed of delivery of the final product, achieving the valuable double of reducing costs and improving our quality of service.

An important function of the tool is that test data is made anonymous.  Data protection laws mean that such personal information may only be used in connection with the reasons for which the information was collected in the first place. Live, identifiable personal data cannot legally be used for testing new IT applications. 

Nigel Williams, Senior Systems Consultant, Watson Wyatt, said, "The test data generation and depersonalisation features could also remove a headache because we can more easily demonstrate compliance with data protection rules.”

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