Sun moves back to Intel chips for new enterprise server offering

Sun Microsystems has moved back to using Intel processors for a new enterprise offering.

Sun Microsystems has moved back to using Intel processors for a new enterprise offering.

Sun had previously relied on AMD processors after dumping Intel’s chips two years ago when it left the commodity server space.

It will now offer a mix of both AMD- and Intel Xeon-driven servers to address customer demand, said Sun.

The new servers will see the two companies work together to promote server packages consisting of the Solaris OS, Java and Sun’s Netbeans software.

The alliance includes joint engineering, design and marketing efforts. As part of the deal, Intel will endorse Solaris as a mainstream OS and the enterprise class, mission critical Unix OS for Intel Xeon processor-based servers.

Intel will also get more heavily involved in the Opensolaris project and the open Java communities.

Sun said it planned to launch the first Intel-driven servers optimised for Solaris in the first half of this year.

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