Nokia tackles mobile network data log-jams

Nokia has launched a programme to help solve network log-jams happening due to the growing amount of bandwidth-hungry data being passed over mobile networks.

Nokia has launched a programme to help solve network log-jams happening due to the growing amount of bandwidth-hungry data being passed over mobile networks.

It lets operators control the use of network resources by applications such as filesharing and Voice over IP.

The Nokia Peer-to-Peer Traffic Control is an integrated programme allowing mobile operators to manage the bandwidth available for peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic, and balance the allocation of network resources. 

The centralised solution is implemented as a software upgrade to the Nokia Flexi Intelligent Service Node (ISN), and will be commercially available during the first half of 2007.
Roberto Loiola, Nokia vice-president for networks marketing and sales, said, “With the explosion of affordable high-speed mobile data access, operators are now being challenged to make the best possible use of their networks, especially when peer-to-peer applications increase their traffic load and compete with their own services.”

Nokia Peer-to-Peer Traffic Control allows operators to apply their business models by prioritising the traffic of preferred services and partners, maximise their return on network investment, and avoid becoming only “bit pipes” for other content providers, said Loiola.

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