IBM launches internal network protection

IBM has released a new product that tackles internal network security threats.

IBM has released a new product that tackles internal network security threats.

The Identity Risk and Identification software analyses user activity on a network and looks for irregularities that might suggest unauthorised or improper access.

The new software is part of IBM's Identity Management Services, one of IBM’s security software offerings.

Identity Risk and Identification can compare a user's previous network activity with new activity, and plot that use against the activities of other users, said IBM.

The product can complete a prospective analysis, enabling network administrators to pinpoint potential misuse. Usage patterns can be plotted in reports.

IBM said Identity Risk and Identification is an extra security layer to user IDs, passwords and biometrics, since these methods only confirm user access and cannot verify proper use.

In a 2005 survey by the FBI and US Computer Security Institute it was found that 56% of US firms had reported internal security breaches.

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