Peoplesoft products aid deployment of new systems

New products were unveiled at PeopleSoft's Connect 2004 conference: the Total Ownership Initiative which includes some value-add...

New products were unveiled at PeopleSoft's Connect 2004 conference: the Total Ownership Initiative which includes some value-add tools; a manufacturing tool; and Version 8.9 of its human resources managment tool.

TOI will be integrated into both Enterprise and Enterprise One suites. It is intended to speed up the installation of applications and reduce support costs for IT.

It will include a visual comparison tool called Accelerated Upgrade, which will enable application managers to see the difference in screens between the old version and the new. The comparison tool also compares old and new PeopleCode, the company's scripting language.

The other piece of the IT deployment puzzle PeopleSoft will address is how to take an old production system down. The new system will steal a page from PC application upgrades and back up data incrementally, backing up only the data and files that have changed. 

"Traditionally, it is done over a long weekend. We've reduced by 66% the amount of time it takes to bring the new system live," said Rick Bergquist, PeopleSoft chief technical officer. 

Also new in TOI is Interactive Service Repository, a hosted customer support website that will contain more than 1,500 application integration points or web services provided by PeopleSoft for its applications.

"We provide an integration point that can be implemented as a web service, a file, or a database interface. It will also tell a user if it is a web service or a flash file," said Bergquist. 

The key attribute the repository has is a business process orientation, according to Bergquist. If a user pulls up an order-to-cash business process, the repository would pull up all the interfaces that are relevant to the appropriate process.

The manufacturing tools unveiled at the conference focus on suggesting methodologies to help manufacturers to create a demand-driven manufacturing strategy. 

Version 8.9 of its Enterprise human resources management solution was also introduced, PeopleSoft reporting that it will include 250 new features.

Ephraim Schwartz writes for Infoworld

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