Unlucky for some as Microsoft launches 13 secuity fixes

Patch Tuesday will see the release of 13 security updates

Microsoft's list of security updates for Patch Tuesday bumped upward again in October to 13, after a low of two updates in September.

During this past summer, Microsoft released 13 fixes in June, seven in July and 13 in June on Patch Tuesday, Microsoft's regularly scheduled security update process. The company also released an out-of-cycle patch on Sept. 28 to fix an Internet Explorer (VML) flaw.

Next Tuesday, Microsoft will release 11 security updates, to be concentrated in Windows and Office, with both categories including "critical" updates, according to Microsoft's advance notification bulletin on its TechNet web site.

There will be six updates for Windows, four for Office, with both having at least one critical patch, and one update affecting the company's .NET Framework, which is rated "moderate."

Also to be released next week will be two non-security, high priority updates on Microsoft Update and Window Server Update Services.

The Windows and Office updates can be found using Microsoft's Baseline Security Analyzer and the updates will likely require a restart. The .NET Framework update can be detected using the analyser and the Enterprise Scan Tool. It too may need a restart.

As it usually does each month, Microsoft will also release an updated version of its Malicious Software Removal Tool and will host a web cast to answer any question IT administrators might have.

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