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  NEW!  Data protection: Moving up the stack? (12 June 2006)
Delegates (including myself) took away at least one thing from a recent Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Summit in Tampa, Fla. -- nobody has a definition of continuous data protection (CDP) that makes a lot of sense. Sure, we all know intuitively that any ongoing process of data replication is CDP, but how you do it can greatly vary. Continue with "Data protection" >>

  NEW!  Hope is not a strategy; preparedness is (01 May 2006)
This hurricane season, expect the airwaves to be filled with retrospectives about 2005's hurricane season and the toll taken by Hurricanes Wilma, Katrina and Rita -- three Category 5 storms that broke several of the records maintained by the National Hurricane Center. You can discount any doom-saying that 2005's hurricane activity is an indication of things to come; despite 120 years of hurricane tracking data, we really have no idea when or where a hurricane will strike. Continue with "Hope is not a strategy" >>

  Is there any value in storage consolidation? (03 April 2006)
A couple of weeks ago, Hewlett Packard announced a product that took me back to my mainframe days: a $50,000 heat exchanger for use with servers and storage equipment. Like the water chiller units we once used with big iron CPUs, the exchanger attaches to an equipment rack where it sucks out some of the BTUs generated by all that gear you decided to install at the end of 2005 when, if vendor reports are accurate, there was a last minute uptick in spending by companies pursuing strategies generically labeled as "consolidation." More>>

  A bill of rights for storage consumers? (06 Feb 2006)
Think you're not getting enough information from your vendor about a product? Storage guru Jon W. Toigo presents his ideas for a storage consumer's bill of rights.

  Forecast for 2006: Pain (12 Dec 2005)
Storage expert Jon William Toigo gives his predictions about the storage world in the year to come.

  Bass-ackwards storage, part 2 (21 Oct 2005)
Become familiar with your current applications and your future needs before buying storage.

  Bass-ackwards storage architecture and five steps to prevent it, part one (05 Oct 2005)
For the past five years, many companies have been fielding storage infrastructure that aligned more with the business requirements of their vendors than with their own needs.

  The essential storage toolkit (that I wished I had!) (29 Jun 2005)
Wondering why your storage system is filling up so fast? Getting an answer may be easier to answer than you -- and your coworkers -- think. Jon William Toigo offers tips and hints to help you figure out who is using up the most storage and what it's costing you.

  Coping with vendor mentality (16 May 2005)
For a vendor to decide for us who we can and cannot speak to regarding a purchase is downright stupid. If channel partners are already certified and knowledgeable about the vendor'...

Also by Jon Toigo

  Why SANs still aren't simple: We still aren't at the point where you can just drop in a SAN and have it work. SANs need planning and know-how. In this tip, Jon Toigo tells us exactly what happened to one hospital when their storage managers lacked these two things.

About Jon William Toigo:
Jon brings with him over 20 years of experience in IT and storage. When it comes to research on real-world storage management issues, Jon's more than up to the challenge.

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