HP supports CIO drive to use IT efficiently

HP says aligning IT priorities with business requirements delivers greater value for the business

HP says aligning IT priorities with business requirements delivers greater value for the business

HP has launched a management solution that it says will enable chief information officers to transform their IT departments into more efficient, effective and responsive business organisations.

By tightly aligning IT priorities with business requirements, HP says that IT departments can deliver greater value while optimising performance, reducing risk and increasing agility.  

OpenView is claimed to allow such alignment, enabling firms to change business needs using business impact analytics and 'what if' simulation to model business services. In addition, the solution's modules automate the process of asset management, effectively improving, claims HP, control and return on investment while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, the software is attributed with optimising performance of business services by offering visibility into the performance of all supporting applications and infrastructure components.

Additional functionality aims to increase visibility and insight for CIOs by providing the IT department with a view into the business impact of staffing decisions, thus enabling senior management to be capable of delivering effective IT governance.

"These new solutions help position IT as a strategic business asset instead of a mere cost centre," says Todd DeLaughter, vice-president and general manager, OpenView Business Unit, HP. "By offering comprehensive analysis of how IT impacts the business - from service availability and performance to actual financial impact - OpenView software elevates the performance of IT in the business setting and the perception of IT in the business world."

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