Most UK firms ignorant of risks from DoS attacks

More than half of UK organisations at risk from DoS attacks, yet 71% don't realise it

Managed services provider intY believes that it has found a lack of awareness among UK firms in protecting themselves from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and of demand for more action from ISPs.

Research commissioned by intY among 100 IT managers from the UK which found that more than half of UK organisations still filter their spam and viruses in-house at the desktop or network gateway level, thus says intY placing them at risk of email DoS attacks. It also found that 71% of respondents mistakenly think their organisation is not vulnerable to these kinds of attacks anyway.

"Less than half of organisations have taken the right precautions and only 29% believe they are at risk at all. Businesses need to realise that it could happen to them too," says Mark Herbert, founder of intY. "It is worrying that so many organisations have their heads in the sand and don't realise they are vulnerable to attacks that could potentially bring their businesses to a standstill. While email DoS attacks are quite new, they are increasing and slowly making headlines. Most people think of online gambling websites when they think of targets of DoS attacks, however all businesses need to realise that they could easily be attacked through email. It's a danger facing us all."

The research also revealed that 92% of IT managers believe that ISPs are not doing enough to reduce the amount of spam and viruses reaching their customers' inboxes and networks, even though most ISPs offer a basic level of anti-spam and anti-virus protection. While 67% of respondents trust their third party provider, intY says that many businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the new dangers that email and the Internet can pose to their business and realise that this basic level of protection is not enough.

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