BT Global Services to concentrate on managed network IP services

Organisation wants users to offload operation of both Lans and Wansl BT to concentrate on government, health and financial services

BT's Global Services division is to focus on providing managed network services across users' wide and local area networks.

Gary Bullard, managing director of BT Global Services, said the company's aim was to offer services that would make it attractive for users to offload operation of both their external and internal networks to BT. "We are seeing more customers looking to outsource their networks," he said.

During a presentation to analysts earlier this month, Andy Green, BT Global Services chief executive, said the company had decided to focus on networked IP services through a concept it calls "the digital networked economy".

Clients including Unilever, Reuters, BAA, HBOS, Astrazeneca and the Department of Work and Pensions have hired BT to modernise their global IP networks, he said.

In terms of business transformation Green said BT would concentrate on government, health and financial services. BT plans to draw the line in application service, Green said. "In the application area we are very precise in what we do. It is all about communication and collaboration."

This covers messaging, conferencing, real-time collaborative working with Microsoft, customer relationship management, supply chain, mobility and security.

"For a large scale piece of work like a SAP implementation, we will almost certainly partner with someone else," he said.

Among its most significant contracts is Visa International, which signed a network services contract last year with BT covering central and eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. Brian Huckett, chief information officer at Visa, said the contract covers security and the availability of the network, and BT is required to provide comprehensive management reports.

"If availability targets are not met, BT suffers financial penalties," he said. Unusually the service level is flexible. "It is a five-year term and BT did not establish service levels for the term." Instead he said Visa will benchmark what is happening elsewhere among other service providers and expect BT to match that improved service level.

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