SAP to add 4,000 employees in India -- and other news briefs

Short takes from this week's news

Short takes from this week's news


SAP plans to double its workforce in India

SAP is planning to double the number of employees in India to about 4,000 by the end of 2006. Most of the current 2,000 SAP staff in India are employed in a product development operation in Bangalore, and this is where most of the planned expansion will take place. SAP said the Indian development would not take jobs away from its Western operations, which have expanded rapidly over the past two years.

Sasser virus writer faces German court

The German teenager who spread the Sasser virus, which crippled computer systems around the world last year, has walked free from court. After pleading guilty to data manipulation, computer sabotage and interfering with public corporations, 19-year-old Sven Jaschan received one year and nine months' probation. Sasser damaged computers at the UK Coastguard, British Airways and hundreds of other businesses worldwide.

'Trojan' private eyes  indicted in Israel

A court in Tel Aviv has filed indictments against nine private investigators accused of using Trojan horse software to steal sensitive information from Israeli businesses, in the country's largest industrial espionage scandal. The detectives, from three major Israeli firms, are accused of industrial espionage, hacking computers, wiretapping and invasion of privacy.

Pakistan off the web after cable is severed

Pakistan is still without full web access to the rest of the world following the severing of its main undersea fibre optic internet cable last week. Service was expected to be back to normal last weekend. But a repair boat from the United Arab Emirates was delayed and choppy waters off the coast of Karachi where the cable is located have further delayed repairs. 

Acrobat Reader flaw lets in hackers

Adobe has warned of a serious flaw affecting its PDF document reader Acrobat Reader. The flaw allows attackers to take over users' PCs through the spreading of malicious PDF documents via e-mail attachments and web links. Only users of Acrobat Reader 5.x for Unix and Linux are affected. Adobe recently expanded its support for Linux by launching a more up-to-date Acrobat Reader 7 for the operating system.

Atos to run integration for London Olympics

Atos Origin has signed a contract extension with the International Olympic Committee to provide systems integration to Vancouver's 2010 winter games and the 2012 summer games in London. The company currently has teams on-site in both Turin and Beijing preparing and testing Olympic IT systems for the 2006 winter and 2008 summer games. Atos Origin will be responsible for developing, running and securing key information systems for the games, including accreditation, workforce management, medical services, sport entries and athletes qualification.

Microsoft releases three critical patches

Microsoft will release three patches for its Windows and Office software platforms today (12 July) as part of its monthly patching cycle. Two fixes - one for Windows and the other affecting Office - are deemed critical, which means that remote hackers could take over a user's machine without any user interaction, unless the patch is installed.

Citrix offers thin client management for SMEs

Citrix Systems has launched an SME version of its thin client application management system. Citrix Access Essentials is designed to deliver secure instant access to applications for organisations employing up to 75 users with Microsoft Windows-based desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

Instant messaging threats soar

The threat of instant messaging-based attacks on enterprises has rocketed 2,700% in the second quarter of the year, according to security firm IMlogic. During the second quarter IMlogic issued 15 priority instant messaging security alerts to enterprises and tracked more than 540 new threats in the wild.

Windows Server bundle for smaller companies

Microsoft is to launch a Windows Server System bundle targeted at companies with 50 to 250 PCs. The bundle for small and medium-sized enterprises includes three copies of Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, one Exchange Server 2003 Standard Edition, one Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Workgroup Edition and 50 client access licenses for Windows and Exchange.

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