Unisys disaster recovery tackles time, distance and cost

Unisys is launching a series of products and services under the Real Time Infrastructure (RTI) banner.

Unisys is launching a series of products and services under the Real Time Infrastructure (RTI) banner.

Its first RTI solution, Business Continuance SafeGuard 30m series, is designed to overcome the barriers to fast, inexpensive and long-distance disaster recovery.

Leo Daiuto, Unisys president of systems and technology, said, “For CIOs and IT managers RTI is all about having a set of shared computing resources that are tuned and sized dynamically and automatically based on business-driven demands. It’s about making the infrastructure serve the needs of the business, rather than vice versa.”

The cost of redundant, high-performance storage and replication technologies discourages organisations from recovering applications and data over long distances in under 30 minutes, but Unisys said that SafeGuard 30m eliminated the time and distance barriers associated with standards-based servers.for as little as a third of the cost of other solutions.

Unisys said the SafeGuard 30m series allowed companies to automatically recover Microsoft clustered applications in under 30 minutes when recovery sites were more than 300km apart, enabling users to align recovery times with business process priorities, and protect their applications and data over unlimited distances. 

Based on Unisys ES7000 servers, the SafeGuard 30m comes as a customer-ready solution that Unisys said would reduce implementation time and risk.

Future Unisys RTI solutions will address the standardisation of infrastructure components for lower-cost business and IT operations, the dynamic provisioning and virtualisation of infrastructure resources, and the automation of infrastructure management to reduce costs and improve service levels.

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