T-Systems offers its first hosted CRM service

For the first time in its history, T-Systems will offer a customer relationship management product from the internet.

T-Systems will, for the first time, offer a customer relationship management product via the internet.

The hosted CRM offer is based on Siebel CRM OnDemand. Companies use a conventional web browser to access the product and coordinate their marketing, sales and service activities. Employees will then be prepared for customer contacts, while marketing and sales could benefit from professional campaign management and executives from the management information system.

T-Systems, the division of Deutsche Telekom serving business customers, operates the CRM product in its own datacentre, accessible to customers via an encrypted internet connection, saving them the cost of setting up and maintaining their own CRM systems.

Instead, they pay a fixed monthly price of €70 (£48.60) per user. The hosted product concept requires no exorbitant initial investment and thus ties up less capital resources. The offer makes it possible for small and medium-sized companies to professionally manage their customer relationships.

In two years, a company with 200 users can save about 60% of costs with hosted CRM versus a traditional product operated on site. Companies that already operate their own CRM systems benefit from the lower operating costs of the hosted offering.

Access via the internet lets them connect external locations to their existing infrastructure without additional hardware costs. Especially with a far-flung location network, the centralised product offers cost benefits. All employees always use the latest version of the software without the need for technicians to maintain the systems on site.

As a next step, T-Systems will tailor the online offer to specialised industries. Soon, hosted CRM products will be available in an adapted version for the automotive and financial services industries and for IT and biotech companies.

If new customers decide to implement the hosted CRM model by 16 May 2005, they will receive a 20% discount on usage fees in the first year. The first month is free.

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