Cisco fills out convergence range

Cisco has fleshed out its next generation network strategy with the introduction of an eight-slot version of its CRS-1 high-end...

Cisco has fleshed out its next generation network strategy with the introduction of an eight-slot version of its CRS-1 high-end router, designed to form the basis of a cost-effective infrastructure for converged network services.

The CRS-1 8-Slot Single-Shelf System extends the Cisco CRS-1 family launched earlier this year. The eight-slot product provides half the capacity of the CRS-1 16-slot system, with 640gbps of total switching capacity.

The release is part of Cisco's IP Next Generation Network (IP NGN) which aims to power the convergence of networks, services and applications for service providers.

The router is the first product to use Cisco Service Control, which is based on technology from the acquisition of P-Cube earlier this year. This is an addition to Cisco's Service Exchange Framework, which is designed to help service providers offer more control and add more intelligence to the network.

The Cisco IP NGN architecture aims to address network convergence, service convergence and application convergence.

Network convergence concerns how disparate networks are being converged over a more efficient and cost-effective common infrastructure.

Service convergence is where increased application and subscriber-level service control intelligence is needed to facilitate delivery of voice, video and data services.

Application convergence targets emerging applications, such as mobile access to enterprise data, that network operators may need to support.

Cisco is also partnering with Fujitsu to develop IP networks. Under the collaboration, Fujitsu and Cisco will work together on the development of high-end routers, plan future co-operation in routing and switching, and collaborate on quality improvement, enhanced support and service.

Cisco and Fujitsu said they would collaborate on the development of Cisco's IOS-XR operating system for multi-terabit routers. Fujitsu said it would provide users with network infrastructure that combines network- ing with servers and other computing equipment, based on a roadmap of the companies' router and switch products.

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