Cyberguard ranks set to double

The number of cybersecurity professionals will grow by more than 13% every year until 2008, according to a study.

The number of cybersecurity professionals will grow by more than 13% every year until 2008 compared with a 5-7% growth in IT jobs in general, according to a study.

The study, conducted by IDC for the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2), predicts there will be 2.1 million information security professionals worldwide in 2008, up from 1.3 million currently. .

The survey of 5,371 full-time information security professionals in 80 countries also found 97% of respondents had moderate to very high expectations for career growth. Security professionals have also seen better job prospects, career advancement, higher base salaries and salary premiums for certification at faster rates than other areas of IT.

Billed as the first major global study of the information security profession, the IDC survey also found that 23% of respondents reported to bosses outside of IT, such as chief executives and financial directors.

Allan Carey, an IDC analyst and author of the study, said businesses seemed to be heeding calls for top executives to get involved in information security. "Security is being more ingrained within the business and within daily operations. It's not just a technology solution any more. You can't just throw a firewall in and the problem's solved. You have to address security from a people, processes and technology standpoint in order to really have a successful security strategy in place."

The study also found in-house information security workers were not restricted to major corporations: 17% of respondents were from companies with fewer than 100 employees. "What this is saying to us is that information security belongs in all organisations, regardless of size," said Wade.

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Grant Gross writes for IDG News Service

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