Iomega REVs back up and recovery

Iomega has unveiled a SCSI version of its REV drive aimed at server back up and disaster recovery applications.

Iomega has unveiled a SCSI version of its REV drive aimed at server back up and disaster recovery applications.

The REV SCSI 35GBytes/90GBytes drive has native storage capacity of 35Gbytes, but includes a file compression utility that increases capacity to as much as 90Gbytes. It also includes a software bundle featuring automatic file back up, full system back up and recovery.

For server applications, the REV disc drive uses Yosemite tape for REV drive. The external version carries a price of just less than $500 (£280) , while the internal version starts just below $450.

The hardware is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and 2000. The SCSI version will be available this month. 

The latest model is designed more for small and medium-sized businesses than Iomega's typical individual users, said the company.

"It is great because it is very portable, and for many markets, such as graphic arts and engineering, that can be a real plus," said Lake Price, product manager at Iomega. 

The company hopes to nudge some larger IT shops to use the new products as a replacement for tape backup, Price said. Iomega is working on autoloaders for its product which will make the REV more appropriate for larger installations, Price said. The new autoloaders should be available in the first quarter next year, he said. 

REV drives are smaller than a deck of playing cards and offer a read-write performance of as much as 25mbps, with an average of 20mbps.

Last month, Iomega released a FireWire version of its REV drive for Macintosh users. The products also interface with USB 2.0 and ATAPI.

Bob Francis writes for Infoworld

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