BASF to use AspenTech's information solution

Aspen Technology has announced that BASF, a chemical company, has selected AspenTech's information management solution for its...

Aspen Technology has announced that BASF, a chemical company, has selected AspenTech's information management solution for its worldwide manufacturing plants.
The AspenTech solution is intended to provide a foundation for BASF's manufacturing execution system (MES) strategy, which is based on the deployment of a standard set of business and plant technologies.

The information management systems will play a key role in enabling users to visualise and analyse real-time data from the manufacturing process, providing the basis for continuous improvement and more effective operational decision-making.

The adoption of an AspenTech information management system aims to enable BASF to establish a common platform for all MES functions, with a consistent process for both the implementation and support of the solution.

This is intended to allow BASF to share best practices across its organisation and reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining its manufacturing systems.

The solution is built on the Aspen Operations Manager Integration Infrastructure, which aims to provide the integration platform to connect with BASF’s enterprise resource planning system and other plant applications.

AspenTech's solution will give BASF a standard framework to analyse and optimise its plant operations.

The process data captured by the information management system is intended to be used for a range of functions, including batch monitoring and analysis, engineering analysis, management information, and quality control. AspenTech’s information management solution was selected after a comprehensive evaluation of competing business and plant solution providers.

"BASF is a long-standing user of AspenTech's engineering and manufacturing solutions, and we welcome this opportunity to further strengthen our partnership," said Tom Carolin, operations director at AspenTech Africa.

"By using AspenTech's information management systems, BASF has demonstrated its commitment to achieving operational excellence across its global manufacturing network," he said.

"The adoption of our information management solution, using our Aspen Operations Manager infrastructure, is an important first step in meeting those objectives," he added.

Written by Computing SA staff

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