Red Hat unveils open-source app server

On the eve of this week's annual LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, Red Hat announced the availability of its open-source...

On the eve of this week's annual LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, Red Hat announced the availability of its open-source application server, a lower-end server that will work with other Java Enterprise Edition 2.0 (J2EE) application servers from IBM, BEA Systems and Oracle.

The Red Hat Application Server, which has already been tested and certified with all major Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), including BEA's WebLogic JRockit and IBM's Java Development Kit, will also be tested with many popular selling Database Management Systems (DBMSes) such as IBM's DB2 and Oracle's flagship database.

In the spirit of the open-source project, IBM, BEA and Oracle will make contributions to the open-source community that will be integrated into the Red Hat Application Server.

With open-source organisations and their projects such as Eclipse, Apache, and OpenWeb doing well, Red Hat officials believed an open-source application server would be a logical and natural next step.

"Users we talk to have been asking for an open-source application server that smoothly works with other popular J2EE application servers, and what makes it nice is those suppliers [IBM, BEA, and Oracle] will work to make that happen," said Paul Cormier, Red Hat's executive vice-president of engineering.

BEA officials said they have been working with Red Hat to integrate its Beehive, what BEA officials have contended is the industry's first open source foundation for building enterprise-class and service oriented architecture (SOAs) capable applications.

Likewise Oracle officials welcomed Red Hat's entry into the open-source application server market, promising to support the development and deployment of J2EE applications and web services through its Oracle JDeveloper 10g offering, according to Thomas Kurian, Oracle's senior vice-president of server technologies.

The Red Hat Enterprise App Server includes the Java Open Application Server (JOnAS); the Tomcat web application server; web services through Axis from Apache; and JakartaServer Management via JMX, which is a combination of JOnAS and Tomcat.

Ed Scannell writes for Infoworld

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