CRM suppliers launch self-service analysis software

Two CRM suppliers have launched updated products to help retailers analyse customer behaviour on self-service web sites and...

Two CRM suppliers have launched product updates  to help retailers analyse customer behaviour on self-service web sites and automated call handling services.


ClickFox and E.piphany have added customer service and marketing features to their product suites to help companies mine the vast amount of customer data produced by IT systems.


ClickFox, a US-based startup, launched its Customer Behavior Intelligence Suite, which analyses customer interactions from company web sites that encourage customers to update their own details and through automated call handling.


ClickFox’s technology analyses customer behaviour and make recommendations for the company to act on.


There are additional software modules for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and speech systems, and web and cross-channel communications.


Meanwhile, CRM supplier E.piphany has updated its E.6.5 suite of sales, service and marketing applications, with new features to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


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