Partners boost Lotus technologies

Several Lotus partners have rolled out offerings that extend and strengthen IBM's new and existing offerings at Lotusphere 2004...

Several Lotus partners have rolled out offerings that extend and strengthen IBM's new and existing offerings at Lotusphere 2004 in Orlando.

Sybase subsidiary iAnywhere Solutions unwrapped the latest version of its Pylon Anywhere product, which is designed to extend e-mail and personal information to mobile devices. This version features expanded platform support, new push synchronisation technology and bolstered security.

The push technology eliminates the need for user-initiated synchronisation by allowing the server to send e-mail and calendar information to mobile users automatically based on the arrival of new e-mail or other scheduled intervals, according to Martyn Mallick, senior product manager at iAnywhere.

New security features include FIPS 140-2 certified encryption between mobile devices and the enterprise, along with expanded platform support, which includes Lotus Domino 6 and 6.5, Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Windows Mobile 2003.

XpertUniverse announced XpertShare 2.0, which is designed to link experts within the company with others that need help in real time.

XpertShare combines its proprietary technology with IBM's Sametime instant messaging and presence awareness system. The offering enables people, rather than data sets, to designate experts within the organisation and link a company expert in real time to others within the organisation seeking answers.

The collaborative tools used include whiteboarding, chat, and application sharing, according to  XpertUniverse vice president and chief technology officer Abraham Zelkin.

"Only a small amount of organisational knowledge is documented. Most of it is in people's minds," he said.

"Our platform lets knowledge seekers enter information into our match and route engine, helping the engine find the best available expert."

Zelkin added that the system can also capture the resulting knowledge and feed it back into the organisation.

PureEdge Solutions has infused its XML-based e-forms technology with IBM's Lotus Workplace and WebSphere Portal offerings.

PureEdge's document-centric, XML-based architecture is designed to let organisations manage the entire lifecycle of each business process, including creation, routing, management and archiving. Its e-forms technology lets users sign documents digitally, use ad-hoc and structured routing, move data in and out of corporate systems, and store process elements in a secure file.

By integrating PureEdge's secure XML e-forms with Lotus' collaboration and portal technologies, users can streamline business processes by using XML for data integration and exchange.

Meanwhile, Relavis demonstrated its collaborative Customer Relationship Management offering for Lotus Notes and Domino 6.5.

Relavis tapped the latest developments in Notes 6.5, such as instant messaging and presence awareness, enhanced reporting, bolstered web and browser integration, and the ability to query data from any wireless device.

In addition, Relavis unwrapped a CRM suite for IBM's WebSphere Portal 5 and Lotus Workplace. Relavis WorkSpace offers quick searches of information in views, a new interactive, text-based interface, increased integration with Exchange and Outlook, and improvements in online reporting and chartings.

Cathleen Moore writes for InfoWorld

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