Microsoft and HP join forces in software fund for start-ups

Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard will team up to oversee an investment fund designed to give future Canadian software firms a boost.

Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard will team up to oversee an investment fund designed to give future Canadian software firms a boost.

The companies announced an agreement with Covington Capital to supervise the Covington Strategic Capital Fund, which will invest in select Canadian companies providing software products or services.

The venture capital fund is designed to provide active support for early-stage Canadian software companies for growth through development support. The unique arrangement would provide start-up companies support with channel distribution, implementation strategies and marketing.

Covington said it would own up to 40% of selected companies with the investment ending within three to five years.

Covington, with the assistance of Microsoft and HP, will seek out potential Canadian companies to invest in with plans to fund up to 10 start-ups.

Potential companies will need to be Canadian-based, privately owned companies providing application software products or services with "the culture and mindset to partner", Covington said.

In overseeing the fund, both Microsoft and HP Canada will share the fund start-up costs. Microsoft will also assess the technical abilities of the companies and provide any needed software development support; HP will review any new products and services with the HP developer and solution partner programme and provide the investee companies with full access to the programme resources.

Companies selected for the fund must already have the Microsoft .net platform embedded in their offering and commit to migrate to it. Microsoft will provide the "technology backbone and expertise to this model", according to Microsoft Canada president Frank Clegg.

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