Amazon confirms launch of A9 search service has confirmed it will launch a subsidiary called which will develop technology designed to help consumers... has confirmed it will launch a subsidiary called, which will develop technology designed to help consumers search for products online.

Scheduled to launch next month, will be fully owned by but it will be operated independently and branded separately from its parent, said Alison Diboll, founder and president of Diboll & Associates marketing and public relations. will license its technology to and to other websites, she said. At launch, the company will have about 30 employees, a figure expected to rise significantly over time.

If the technology is a hit, and its subsidiary will tap into a big market, since this type of service is in high demand from consumers and merchants, said Rob Lancaster, a senior analyst at The Yankee Group.

Consumers are always looking for good search technology, especially when they are out on the web planning to buy something. The technology will, particularly appeal to merchants because it delivers to their sites web surfers with an intention to buy a specific product, said Lancaster.

Juan Carlos Perez writes for IDG News Service

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