Short list for £2.3bn NHS National IT programme announced

The Department of Health has unveiled the short list of contractors for the £2.3bn modernisation of the health service's...

The Department of Health has unveiled the short list of contractors for the £2.3bn modernisation of the health service's computing and telecommunications operations.

The National Programme for IT in the NHS has short-listed three bidders to become the National Application Service Provider (NASP) for the Integrated Care Records Service (ICRS), the national electronic patient record system.

It has also announced short lists for the five Local Service Providers (LSP) contracts that will provide local IT services, including hardware and software, to the NHS regions in England.

NHS IT chief Richard Granger said: "It is encouraging that the IT sector is able to respond so positively to the quality and competency requirements of the NHS."

These short listed suppliers and their sub-contractors, he added, "represent a powerful and competitive mixture of indigenous, European and global experience.”

BT, IBM Lockheed will fight it out for the NASP contract that will cover the design, delivery and operation of a national patient record system. The succesful comanies were first revealled in Computer Weekly on 22 July.

The shortlist for the LSP contracts is:

  • London: BT, IBM, and Lockheed
  • North East, Yorkshire and the Humber: Accenture, Cerner and Patient First Alliance
  • South East and South West: Fujitsu, Lockheed, PlexusCare and SchlumbergerSema
  • East of England and East Midlands: Accenture, Cerner, CGEY and PlexusCare
  • West Midlands and North West: BT, CSC, Fujitsu, IBM and Patient First Alliance

PlexusCare is led by EDS and Logica CMG, the Patient First Alliance consortium is led by Jarvis, while most other companies short listed companies are heading consortia of specialist IT and services suppliers.

The contracts for London and North East, Yorkshire and Humberside will be awarded by the end of October and the remaining three LSPs will be announced by the end of the year.

The National Programme enrolled more than 120 NHS professionals to help evaluate the suppliers' tender documents. The scrutineers scored proposals according to pre-set criteria, before individual scores were weighted, moderated and totalled.

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