Neoteris unveils appliances for online meetings

Neoteris has unveiled a family of appliances to help companies provide secure online meetings.

Neoteris has unveiled a family of appliances to help companies provide secure online meetings.

Neoteris Meeting Series will debut later this month as a software upgrade to the Neoteris Instant Virtual Externet (IVE) Access Series product line and will appear as a standalone appliance late this year.

It will be the first appliance to apply Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) virtual private network (VPN) technology to online meetings, said Dave Kosiur, an analyst at Burton Group.

The SSL VPN market is saturated with companies offering software or services to provide security.

"The SSL VPN market has grown in the past year, and everybody is coming out of the woodwork to offer some kind of SSL VPN," Kosiur said. 

Kosiur said the appliance for online meetings is a small slice of the potential market for all SSL VPN services and products, but will find uses in large companies that conduct many online meetings where documents and slides are shared with whiteboard functions between business partners and branch offices.

A beta version of Meeting Series 3000 had been successfully tested for use by up to 650 attorneys at a US law firm.

WebEx costs about 25 cents per minute for connected users, resulting in an annual cost of about $68,000 ($41,582), and the number is expected to grow as more lawyers use the service.

By comparison, installing the Meeting Series 3000 will cost about $30,000, and lawyers will administer the service themselves.

Neoteris is offering Meeting Series functionality as a software upgrade to its IVE Access Series family starting at $1,995 (£1,220). Meeting Series appliances will ship late in the year with prices starting at $14,995 (£9,168).

Matt Hamblen writes for Computerworld

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