RedDot's content management keeps the Royal Shakespeare Company up-to-date

Smart projects: Royal Shakespeare Company adopts content management system

The Royal Shakespeare Company has incorporated a content management system into its website to enable the site's writers and editors to manage it online.

The RedDot content management system can run itself, so the RSC does not need to dedicate its limited technical resources to the site.

Performing to more than one million theatregoers around the world every year, the theatre company has placed its website at the heart of its aim to share the work of William Shakespeare with today's audiences.

Managing the 500-plus pages and 3,500 images on the website has traditionally been the responsibility of the RSC's technical team. However, RedDot's Smartedit technology enables the content management to be placed in the hands of the writers and editors.

Roger Mortlock, director of public affairs at the RSC, said, "Our website is a very important part of our work to keep Shakespeare relevant to the world today.

"Making sure that new stories, initiatives and projects are posted quickly onto the site means our audiences continue to see the company as innovative, vital and, above all, worth seeing."

Mortlock said the new technology makes updating the website very straightforward and non-technical people can learn to place articles and images on the site with minimal training.

The company plays throughout the year at its home in Stratford-upon-Avon, in London and at an annual RSC residency in Newcastle upon Tyne.

In addition, the company tours the UK and internationally for year-round, including residencies with universities and performing centres in the US.

The RSC aims to keep audiences in touch with Shakespeare in a contemporary context and wants to promote understanding through the work of artists, actors and writers.

As well as the work of Shakespeare, the repertoire includes classic plays by international dramatists and work by living writers.

Peter Aylward, managing director of RedDot Solutions, said, "For the RSC - one of the UK's most cherished cultural institutions - an engaging website is a critical tool for reaching audiences around the world. However, the work needed to keep content up-to-date and dynamic can become a massive task ."

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