SAP announces latest CRM and SCM software versions

SAP will release the latest versions of its CRM and SCM software products, the company announced at its Sapphire customer...

SAP will release the latest versions of its CRM and SCM software products, the company announced at its Sapphire customer conference in Orlando.

"Version 4.0 of mySAP CRM is one of our most significant product developments," said Henning Kagermann, chief executive officer (CEO) and chairman. "The version adds new functionality and a new user interface, among other things."

One example of a new industry-specific function is trade promotion management, which helps consumer goods companies launch and monitor trade promotions by providing support with budgeting, planning and execution.

Together with Volkswagen, SAP has also developed several new functions aimed specifically at the car sector.

In developing the CRM release, SAP has used its industry expertise in a wide variety of sectors, including chemicals, construction, media and manufacturing, recognising that companies in different sectors have different needs.

For example, media companies could effectively lower the cost of creating and managing content using the latest version, because it will provide intellectual property management functionality, including acquisition of intellectual property, development of media products, sales of rights and licences and management of royalty payments.

SAP offers a modular approach for customers to deploy the CRM release, which will enable them to introduce the industry processes and core functionality in phases, according to priorities and return on investment.

Version 4.0 of mySAP SCM will provide customers in manufacturing and consumer product industries with more than 20 new processes and more than 30 new process enhancements for their supply chain networks.

The latest release, which will be available at the end of the month, provides customers with collaborative end-to-end business operations, such as vendor-  and supplier-managed inventory and trade promotion management.

Version 4.0 will also include a web-based inventory collaboration feature that enables companies and their key suppliers to collaborate on inventory movement and replenishment on a single platform.

"We worked closely with customers in developing the new release and embedded many of their ideas into the product," Kagermann said.

The 4.0 versions of both mySAP CRM and mySAP SCM use the company's relatively new NetWeaver open integration and application platform.

John Blau writes for IDG News Service

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