Sun looks to simplify J2ME development

Sun Microsystems has introduced latest developer programs aimed at simplifying Java development for applications which run on...

Sun Microsystems has introduced latest developer programs to simplifyJava development for applications which run on mobile phones.

The first program will create a standard way of testing and certifying "Java Verified" applications which run on devices made by Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and Motorola. 

"In the J2ME space, there is a problem," said Mahad Ayalur, marketing manager at Motorola.

"Applications written for one MIDP 2.0 device will not necessarily run on another MIDP 2.0 device," he said, referring to Sun's Mobile Information Device Profile for mobile phones and personal digital assistants.

Right now, developers who want to certify their applications to run on number of mobile phones must certify them independently with each mobile phone supplier, Ayalur said.

Sun's plan to launch its "Java Verified" program, which is based on a memorandum of understanding and still subject to further negotiation, will address this by providing a single place where Java developers can go to get their applications certified to run on Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, and Sony Ericsson devices.

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Robert McMillian writes for IDG News Service

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