Microsoft signs up suppliers for antivirus alliance

Microsoft has joined forces with antivirus suppliers Network Associates and Trend Micro to form the Virus Information Alliance,...

Microsoft has joined forces with antivirus suppliers Network Associates and Trend Micro to form the Virus Information Alliance, an initiative to keep users better informed about virus threats to Microsoft products.

A web page with the latest information on high-risk viruses affecting Microsoft products has been added to Microsoft's TechNet website for IT professionals.

TechNet is also Microsoft's site for security patches and other information for the IT community.

As part of the alliance, Microsoft, Network Associates and Trend Micro will exchange technical information on latest viruses to tell users about the risk and what to do for protection. The site will refer to the antivirus suppliers for extra detail.

Microsoft software, which is installed on the vast majority of PCs and on a large number of servers, has been a target of many viruses and worms, with widespread disruption of e-mail communication and online business as a result.

The TechNet virus information pages will, eventually, also offer documentation and other online resources to help users protect themselves.

The Virus Information Alliance page on TechNet is at:

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