Adobe supports IBM DB2 and develops XML architecture

Adobe Systems is integrating its internet form creation software with IBM's DB2 Content Manager.

Adobe Systems is integrating its internet form creation software with IBM's DB2 Content Manager.

Adobe said the integration of IBM's DB2 manager and Adobe's Form Solutions software will make it easier for users to automate their existing paper-based processes.

Adobe Form Server is a data capture product that allows PDF and HTML documents to be published on the internet. The agreement with IBM means developers can create web-based forms quickly and easily using Form Server, that will link directly to the DB2 database.

"It significantly streamlines data capture. You can create a straightforward form environment for content input to DB2, and you don't have to hire lots of developers to create bespoke forms," said Mark Floisand, Adobe's marketing director for Northern Europe.

The integration makes use of XML for data transfer, which makes data routing easy and fast.

Adobe has also developed an XML architecture for all of its products, including PDF files.

"It gives an open framework to extend and improve business processes, not just inside the organisation but with customers, resellers, suppliers, whatever suits the business model," Floisand said.

XML will make it easier for different systems to exchange the information in a PDF file.

Adobe will deliver its tool for designing XML and PDF templates and forms in the next few months and will make the XML architecture specification publically available. It will also provide a toolkit for developers to give easy access to PDF file content from common scripting languages and Java.

The initial sales focus of the integrated Adobe and IBM products will be on government users.

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