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CRM company added closed loop campaign management to its online products, to allow companies to calculate ROI for...

CRM company added closed loop campaign management to its online products, to allow companies to calculate ROI for each campaign.

The Campaign Management module allows companies to generate quality leads at a lower cost and to work more effectively to ensure that every lead is quickly followed up, which ties higher revenues back to marketing campaigns, according to company officials.

"Most people do these in spreadsheets and through random sampling," said Clarence So, senior director of product strategy.

"They really don't know who's responding. They really don't know how many times they touched a customer before they responded. We eliminate a lot of the survey and guesswork because it's all automatically captured."

The module provides marketing functionality that is tightly integrated with sales data, allowing marketing departments to execute online and offline campaigns in one location, develop customer lists, and track responses from any channel.

For example, the module tracks in real time how much the company is spending on the campaign versus the return, gauging how many people responded to an offer or actually became customers.

"If all your marketing and sales people are using the system, then we tie all those stages in the pipeline together," So said. "There's no longer any throw-over-the-wall disconnect between marketing and sales. They work hand [in] hand."

The campaign management solution has allowed ADC Telecom to increase its qualified leads and productivity, said Art McCabe, vice-president of marketing services at ADC.

The company now has insight into the marketing programs across the business units in one location so marketers do not bombard customers with multiple campaigns, he added.

Because the module eases the administrative burden of campaign management, many customers are able to operate many more campaigns simultaneously than they could handle before using the new module, So added.

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