SAP creates new subsidiary

SAP has announced the combination of its Web portal and online marketplace and procurement subsidiaries into one unit to make it...

SAP has announced the combination of its Web portal and online marketplace and procurement subsidiaries into one unit to make it easier for customers to put together a unified e-business infrastructure.

The German software maker announced it's consolidating its SAP Markets and SAP Portals companies into one entity. The new unit, as yet unnamed, will offer users a single access point to software that handles supplier relationship management, business intelligence and market places.

Shai Agassi, who formerly ran SAP Portals, will head the new company. Hasso Plattner, chief executive of both SAP Markets and parent company SAP, will become chairman.

The consolidation should be complete by the end of the quarter, Agassi said, adding that the new company may need to hire new staff rather than lay off workers. Customers will be getting a "bigger, stronger, more stable organisation", he said.

Some analysts said the move makes both managerial and technological sense. It will now be easier for SAP to deliver turnkey portal and marketplace solutions that work over heterogeneous systems and enterprises and extend data and business processes to non-SAP shops and software, said Joshua Greenbaum, an analyst at Enterprise Applications Consulting.

The firm still needs to roll out the connectors that will permit users to integrate their systems with non-SAP applications.

The reorganisation appears to contradict SAP's claim that its portal unit would partner with other business-to-business software vendors, said Karen Peterson, an analyst at Gartner. Although the relationship between the two subsidiaries and marketplace vendor Commerce One will continue, companies such as Commerce One will view the new subsidiary as a direct competitor, she said.

SAP will also have to rationalise its assorted technologies to deliver a complete platform. That could mean rolling out a portal offering with combined collaborative and transactional capabilities, she said.

"The technologies that are scattered around in [SAP] Markets and [SAP] Portals could allow SAP to get out of the data and technology business and into the business of helping companies work more effectively," said David Dobrin, an analyst at B2B.

SAP must do far more with these technologies, Dobrin said. For example, he recommended that SAP get a "coherent message" for its product sets and help customers use the applications more effectively; make portal products that can perform business operations rather than just display data; and end the relationship with Commerce One.

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